Server room relocation

Our customer is a multi-million pound turnover logistics company with depots at several locations. At one of their depots they had a full height server rack in their main office which contained their routers, patch panels and several servers. The noise was incredible as all the servers were running at full power to try and beat the heat and dust! We were asked to relocate the server rack to make everyone’s life easier. Continue reading “Server room relocation”

Cruise Booking System

We were approached by a company offering day cruises on the Solent for parties and sightseeing trips. They have a number of vessels and take bookings for individuals and the whole boat. They ran their business using a custom built database running on a very old PC which was running a long out of date version of Windows. The system did not meet their current requirements and the PC it was running on was failing. Continue reading “Cruise Booking System”

Network Infrastructure

The client has taken on a large country estate, many miles from the nearest town, and intends to convert it into a private school with adjoining nursery and outdoor activities centre. Their requirements include installing broadband internet, an internal network with wifi access and a communications system. At the start of the project there was no connectivity to the site and the remains of a few network cables at some parts of the site. Continue reading “Network Infrastructure”

Bespoke Business Systems

Open Sauce Systems are well-qualified in building business systems from the ground up. Typically, these begin life as a CRM or ERM but through customisation and enhancement become the fabric of the organisation. Managing data is key to business success and when that data needs to be mobile, Open Sauce Systems have the experience to work with you to produce the system and tools you need.

Open Sauce Systems – Simplifying the business communications maze

CIO – “Open Sauce Systems put me back in control of my communications costs“. See our Testimonials

Integration with existing system

There was a time when information systems and communications were seen as separate disciplines. Open Sauce Systems specialise in delivering the benefits of integrating voice communications with existing information systems. Examples include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems – staff receive a full, on-screen brief on an existing customer as soon as they receive an incoming call, right down to the orders they have placed; Enterprise Resource Management systems (ERM) where the phone system can be used to locate loads, track resource usage and so on.


To many clients, the improved control of call costs and increase in functionality is only part of the story. The majority of organisations are paying for a level of support that they do not need. This equates to money off the bottom line. Open Sauce Systems have re-written the arrangements for support such that clients pay only for what they need – or indeed, none at all! Levels of Service range from no support, through pay per call-out, to a full managed service. Support can be combined with further development work such that additional functionality can be designed, built and deployed without any loss of service.

International calls

A client spent a considerable proportion of time making calls to an overseas customer. The client had tried a number of calling schemes but remained uncomfortable with the cost. Open Sauce Systems set up an IP network such that calls would use the internet to a point near the customer then use the public system for the “last mile”. The savings were immediate and considerable with break even being achieved within 3 months.

Remote user IP phone

As part of an efficiency drive, a client had embraced the “work from home” culture but was dismayed at the resulting costs of voice calls to and from his staff who were based away from the office. These included staff who were working from properties in Europe. The client already paid for broadband to each house but now had to cope with call costs on top! Open Sauce Systems installed a remote IP phone at each house and configured them to be network devices on the client’s own corporate network. From this point on, all calls between the company and his distributed workforce were free. In addition, calls from the home-based staff to other organisations appeared to come from the company location and were accounted for on the existing telephone services bill.